I am not patient.

I remember as a kid watching my mom (in her curlers) pour me a bowl of cereal as she got herself ready for work saying that if you hard work and have patience eventually everything in life will work itself out. She is now 67 and I’m turning 43. She is still saying it. That means we are both still working hard and being patient. Waiting.

But I am not a patient person. Never have been. I never take the easy route. I strive for perfection and I don’t like not knowing the answer. So I’m not sure what we are waiting for. And why are we being patience while we are waiting? I posed these question to my wee Italian mom and it was like I was speaking to her in some strange made-up language. And then it hit me. It was something that she needed to believe. She needed to believe because her path was not the easiest. … I saw this as her Pinterest quote board, her motivational fridge magnet. But her version has no pretty picture or colourful fancy font.

For so many reasons I believe that I am very much like my mom – which is a good thing. But as I get older, I realize that my world looks and lives differently than the one my mom grew up in, so it is more than ok that I find myself needing to believe in something different to motivate me. I find that my attitude and motivational drivers are evolving at a rapid pace – and I can no longer simply accept what I was told to believe. I do things my way. And although I am like her in so many ways, I am not my mom. My world is different. I am different.

But one thing is for certain, like my mom, I will likely pass some life lessons on to my kids – but I know their world is changing – so they will take what is useful and discard the rest. As long as they understand the real lesson, which is the one I learned from my mom … work hard and believe in yourself. A life lesson worth learning. Thanks mom.

P.S. Curlers have been replaced with wigs…my mom is just the cutest!


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