What will this Blog be when it grows up?

I’ve been slow to post because of an inner struggle I’ve been having – what do I want my blog’s focus to be? I’ve been reading articles on what makes a blog successful but that hasn’t gotten me very far. They seem kinda lame and uneventful.

And then while walking the dog it hit me. Why do I want to be like other people? I’ve been interested before. Why start now? Nope, not interested.

When I decided to get back to putting me closer to the top of the priority list, writing about me, my experiences and journey through mid-life self-discovery was where I was going to start. But why not keep going down that path? I have had a colourful life and don’t intend to stop – switching gears will only add more colour as far as I’m concerned. So, what I write may not be of interest to the masses. But it is to me, and I count.

   See what I did there? I put myself at the top of the priority list. 🙂

So if someone were to ask me what my blog was about, I’d probably say it’s a sassy look into the crazy life of a 42 year old mom, who has a really tough time finding balance. May sound boring, but trust me, there is nothing boring about what I have to say. Promise.

-The Original Crazy Eyes –


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