A little spring cleaning of the soul

Well, spring officially showed up a week or so ago but the freshly dumped snow on my sprouting spring bulbs says winter doesn’t want to go. Sigh. I need spring. It’s an excuse to clean out the crap I’ve been holding on too over the fall and winter.

Spring-cleaning… a pandora’s box of treasures that can sink a soul or raise a glass. And sometimes it can do both.

This year I have chosen to start with the most difficult – but isn’t that where I usually start? It’s who I am at the core. After all, this blog isn’t called tea in a tea cup.

In four days I will be free and clear of my crazy meds – this will be the first time in my many adult years that I will be med-free from all that ails me – mentally that is. This is a milestone, one that is scaring the crap out of me and in some strange way giving me a sense of freedom that feels right. But that could be the crazy talking.

Over the past couple of years I have sought out and practiced ways to survive my depression, anxiety and even OCD using CBT, meditation and other proven strategies (like going to bed early just to end a day) to get me – and my family – through the crazy. Now that I’m venturing out on my own, med-free, I’m curious to get to know me again. Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.09.00 PMWhat will crazy look like un-medicated? Am I really ready? Are you all ready for me? What does whiskey in a tea-cup turn into…

Oh hells yah, sunshine mixed with a little hurricane… does this mean I need to change the title of my blog?

Ok, now on to the next bit of spring cleaning and some further evidence of my crazy. I needed to make things interesting, so I’ve decided that my other big focus this spring is my weight. Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.21.06 PMGo big or go home, right?

I  joined WW in December after having success a couple of years ago – plus Oprah’s doing it. So its clearly the right diet choice.

It’s been slow but I’m down 10 lbs. But, I’ve decided that it’s time put this into high gear – no more messing around. I will drop 20 by summer. I will. I’m committing to that while my sanity is still somewhat in tact.

I think that 10 is a fair number considering my level of crazy will be through the roof by Saturday. Hm, crazy(ier) and thin(er). Recipe for a super fun summer – who wants to hang out?

Keeping it real.

-Whisky in a tea cup… xo


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