If you can not see it, then it’s not really there.

You don’t look like you have anxiety. I’ve been told this a lot. I’ve also heard, but you look so put-together. My usual response has been a smile and a ‘thank you’ because I just don’t feel like dealing with people’s ignorance. In fact, in my head I’m giving them the finger. And some get a double.

Sometimes I wish I had challenged that ignorance, what does having anxiety look like? I know that they’d probably look at me with a  dumb blank stare not knowing what to say. Why the dumb blank stare? Because they don’t know enough about what anxiety is and how it impacts people’s lives. If they did, they’d know that it doesn’t look like anything.

For those of us that are living with anxiety, depression and even OCD, we know what it feels like. We also know that there are far too few that try and want to better understand the spin that lives within. And for those that try, it’s incredibly hard because they cannot see it but know it exists and feels like crap. But at least they are trying. (Thx Nunzio!)

I recently watched a brilliant video that I wish I could share each and every time I’m told you don’t look like you have anxiety.  Meghan Rinks is a YouTuber and actress that does a fabulous job at sharing what it feels like to have anxiety. It’s like she’s giving the finger to everyone who has ever told me that I look so put-together for someone having anxiety and depression.

“What Having Anxiety Feels Like.”


Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 4.11.11 PM

“From the outside it’s easy to think that someone’s got it all figured out. Because my hair is curled and my cheeks are intentionally flushed, I must not have a care in the world” 

So to all of you anxious people out there that look so put-together, I encourage you to share this video in place of the desired F-you response. It’s more educational than the finger. 🙂

Thanks to Meghan for sharing this to her millions of followers and creating some smart awareness.



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