Jenny Lawson is my hero. For reals.

Uniquely odd is the way I have described myself for years. Why? Have you met me?

The closest person I have come across that I resemble maybe the most is someone I have never met – and I really hope she doesn’t mind me talking about her here. I happen to think she is amazingly smart, resilient, funny and probably THE most honest person I have never met. I say I resemble her but really I don’t, her wit is much more intellectual than mine and she will literally have you peeing in your pants. Ok, maybe that’s just me. But that doesn’t take away from the hilarity and honest approach she takes when sharing her story about living with depression. It is her story that I relate to.

I’d like to introduce you to Jenny Lawson, The Bloggers.

I began my blog because of Jenny Lawson. Her honest and extremely funny take on living with depression has brought huge smiles to my life and made me feel that my ‘uniquely odd’ self is a great person to be – the only person that feels like me and the only person I want to be. Knowing there are others out there that feel the same way and talk about it so candidly has been therapeutic. Soothing. Helpful.

If you haven’t read her books or even checked out her blog, for goodness sake, go now!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 6.12.45 PM      Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 6.12.25 PM

This bizarre, weird (in a great way!), uniquely honest lady has vividly captured many moments of my life and she doesn’t even know it. I thank Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggers, for sharing her world so folks like me can can keep chugging away at being uniquely odd.

And in the words of The Bloggess: Be bizarre. Be weird. Be proud of the uniquely beautiful way that you are broken. Be furiously happy. * 

*Taken from:

-E. xo


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